Design Destination: Japan


We all know Japan is full of exciting design – rich with history and always pushing the boundaries. Over the next 2 weeks, futurespace founder Stephen Minnett and MD Angela Ferguson will be travelling through the design destination, reporting for IndesignLive as they go.

Japan is one of the most intriguing countries in the world to visit. Around 98% of the population are native Japanese, which perhaps explains the very distinct nature of the culture. Yet despite centuries of traditional architecture, interiors and art, the Japanese also have an insatiable appetite for that which is new and modern – this is evidenced not only in architecture and interiors but also in technology, fashion and design.

Known for its provocative residential architecture, its avant garde and extremely luxurious retail environments and its cutting edge museum buildings, Japan is a mecca of inspiration for design and architecture lovers. And aesthetics in Japan are a documented set of principles that are an inherent part of everyone’s daily life.

Over the next two weeks Angela and Stephen will be travelling through some of Japan’s most fascinating design destinations including Benesse Art Site Naoshima, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Yoyogi Park, 21-21 Design Sight museum by Tadao Ando, the National Art Centre, Sumo Wrestling and much more. They will be blogging and photographing their journey here, and keeping us up to date on Instagram. You can follow@futurespacedesign @indesignlive and look out for the hashtags #futurespacetravels #indesigntravels to see more.

For Day 1, where we visit the Benesse Art site, see here.

This article first appeared here.

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