Interview with Louise Mason, Managing Director, AMP Capital Office & Industrial

Louise Mason, Managing Director, AMP Capital Office & Industrial

Louise Mason, Managing Director, AMP Capital Office & Industrial

Louise Mason was appointed Managing Director of AMP Capital Office & Industrial in 2010 bringing over 25 years’ experience in the property industry to her role. Joining AMP Capital in 2005, Louise initially held senior development roles with AMP Capital Property and AMP Capital Shopping Centres, following 13 years in senior development and asset management roles with Lend Lease. As Managing Director, O&I, Louise is responsible for overseeing the delivery of investment performance for O&I’s clients, aiming to provide operational efficiencies and to protect the value of each property for the client.

1. If you compare Sydney to other global cities do you think Sydney needs rejuvenation? What are the main challenges in revitalising an established built environment?

Sydney is at a time in the lifecycle of its built environment which requires rejuvenation. The CBD in particular has continued to grow both within and at its edges but lacks a connectivity which is required to stitch the parts together. Whilst we as individual investors or developers can rejuvenate the built environment, it is imperative that the public and private sectors work together to focus on the ground plane connectivity and transport in particular.

2. What is your proudest project achievement to date and how has it transformed the world around us?

Quay Quarter Sydney, an AMP Capital project focused on the rejuvenation of its holdings in Circular Quay. Working through Local Environment Plan (LEP) amendments and gaining approval for a Stage 1 DA has been an exciting opportunity with the City of Sydney over the last three years.

3. How do you encourage creative thinking at AMP?

A diverse team with diverse perspectives is imperative for creative thinking. AMP Capital is focused on diversity in all its forms and this creates a culture supportive of creative thinking.

4. What is the overarching common goal driving AMP?

Being focused on the customer or client is at the centre of everything we do.

5. What are your thoughts on technology in your industry – is it an enabler or an inhibitor?

Technology is an enabler to delivering a flexible, user focused experience in relation to property.

6. In three words describe your vision for the future of the built environment.

Connected, experiential, inviting.

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