How good is your workplace culture?

influence and drive positive business culture

positively influence your organisation’s culture with the right mindset

‘Ask An Expert’ is an opportunity for you to have your questions about working, learning and living spaces answered by our panel of experts.

In this week’s question, Michelle Bishop, Director of Max & Buddy Consulting and Home of the Breakfast Brief gives us her top 5 tips for driving culture in an organisation.

If you have a question related to the business of design email and we’ll do our best to provide a response.  And of course all personal details shall remain confidential.

Dear Expert,

As someone in a leadership role, how can I positively influence the culture of our organisation?

From Enthusiastic, Melbourne

Dear Enthusiastic,

An organisation’s culture can be its best competitive advantage; it is often unique and hard to replicate. A positive and productive workplace culture can be encouraged by people in leadership positions by focussing on the following areas:

  1. Where does your attention as a leader lie? is it the bottom line, profit, the company’s reputation, caring for employees or customer satisfaction?
  2. As a leader how do you react to crisis?  (How you react during a crisis is a test of the organisation’s values)
  3. Role modelling; do you demonstrate the kind of behaviour that you expect from your staff?
  4. Rewards allocation; this can be formal or informal.
  5. Hiring and firing practices; on-boarding is one of the best opportunities to induct new employees into your organisation’s corporate culture.

To understand what your existing corporate culture is its important to have both internal and external analysis.

If the existing corporate culture does not align with the organisation’s business strategy a range of approaches can be implemented to get it on track. Max & Buddy Consulting provide organisational development programs specifically for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage via a positive and productive corporate culture.

To read more about corporate culture click here

To contact Michelle Bishop to discuss further click here

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